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Infant Room

Carolyn and Trevor

Carolyn and Trevor

Young Toddlers - Care Bears

Trevor wearing a bucket

Trevor wearing a cowboy hat

Trevor eating without a high chair

Older Toddlers - Sunshine Gang

Trevor lining up the trucks

Trevor playing with the green tractor

Trevor - more buckethead

Trevor and Jack trying to look innocent?

The boys and their trucks

Trevor and Mrs. Amy

Trevor playing with the foam blocks

Storytime with Mrs. Gina

Painting a giant leaf with fall colors

Sitting in a row

Young Twos - Crayola Kids

Lining things up

In line to go to lunch in the cafeteria

Older Twos - Busy Bees

Going down the slide head first

Reading books

Playing with blocks

Lunch in the cafeteria

Getting mats out for naptime

Pretending to take pictures with a camera


Danced so much I got hurt

Building a castle

Painting a giant leaf with fall colors

Love from Ms. Michelle

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