July 29, 2004

I couldn't put my finger on it when I was listening to him the other night, but brack Obama's speach was eerily similar to something Malcolm X would do. not in the words, per se. Bu tin the presence and elocution. The delivery. that he looks similar reinforces this idea.

I've watche dmos tof hte three days so far of the convention, and I like it. Obama was just jaw-dropping in his excellence. Carter was great, Clinton was himself, Hillary was shrill and difficult to listen to, Teresa was soft-spoken and powerful, and Edwards was what we've come to expect.

It's no secret that I'd vote for a rottten potato if I thought it could beat Bush. But the excitement I have for Kerry/Edwards has increased significantly as a result of this convention so far.

I'm anxious to see what Kerry does tonight.

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Saw your blog and had to throw in a rant. Did you catch any of the anti-Sharpton backlash on the pundit's coverage? Blasting him for being emotional and raising his voice, as if it wasn't exactly what they expect from him. He was a lightning rod in his message, and people were ripping him for it. The Daily Show really did up a nice bit about Sharpton and the coverage of him. Worth seeing if you get a chance. THe re-run of it will be on a thousand times this weekend. On Kerry, he said what I've been waiting for any politician, donkey or elephant, to say for a long time. "Instead of saying that God is on our side, I will humbly pray that we are on God's side."

Posted by: Bishop Bill on July 30, 2004 10:05 AM
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